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Prax Foundation Roots

Prax Foundation Roots was formally established as a UK charity in 2022, to continue the charitable initiatives started by the founders of the Prax Group – a British multinational energy company – in 2010.  The name of the charity was inspired by the fact that the founders’ roots are in Sri Lanka, and the charity’s first projects are based there.

The Prax Group is the main donor to Roots. The charity is run on a zero-cost basis, with every dollar that the Group donates going directly to it. The trustees’ objectives are to:

  • Relieve poverty, hunger and sickness for all children, and contribute to the preservation of health in particular, but not limited to, children in Sri Lanka
  • Advance the education of children, with a particular focus on, but not limited to, children in Sri Lanka
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Our Hostels

The charity, which is overseen by the Carmelite Sisters, an order of Catholic nuns, is currently responsible for supporting the welfare of 80 girls (a number that is increasing all the time), at two hostels in Sri Lanka, located in Adampan and Murankan. The preservation, protection and health of these children are paramount to the charity’s trustees, who visit every year.

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As part of their development and on-going education, the girls are actively encouraged to take up coveted scholarships at one of Sri Lanka’s 15 universities. Alternatively, placements are arranged for the girls as teaching assistants in local schools, or internships are organised in shops and factories.

The hostels are currently undergoing refurbishment, with plans to eventually open refuges for boys too, although it is sadly the case that girls are the most vulnerable in Sri Lankan communities, as they often are across the world.

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Current Initiatives

At present, there are donation boxes in all Harvest Energy filling stations in the United Kingdom. The Prax Group – the charity’s main donor – also organises a number of fundraising events throughout the year. Historically every Christmas, the teams in the Group’s offices around the world get together to wrap up “Love In A Box” gifts, which are then

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sent to Sri Lanka and given to every girl.

Prax Foundation Roots also contributes funding to hostels in Trincomalee and Pundaloya. As well as providing financial support to the girls at the hostels, Prax Foundation Roots routinely contributes towards the refurbishment of key historical buildings in Sri Lanka, such as St. Mary’s Cathedral in Trincomalee, in the north east of the country.

In the UK, Prax Foundation Roots supports Harbour Place, located near Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery in the town of Grimsby. Harbour Place supports homeless and vulnerable people throughout North East Lincolnshire, providing food, clothes, and shelter.

Separately, in close partnership with Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, Prax Foundation Roots are Corner Stone Patrons to Onside Horizon Youth Zone, which is located in Grimsby town centre. The Youth Zone is our flagship UK initiative and, once constructed, will provide a safe and inspiring space for local young people to spend their leisure time. The Youth Zone will be open 7 days a week, with the space providing thousands of young people with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to.

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Future Initiatives

In 2019, a steering Committee consisting of a number of Prax Group employees was established to consider the expansion of the charity’s projects to other parts of the world and to make Prax Foundation Roots more international, rather than an initiative that is based solely in the United Kingdom.

Our Roots

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